Everything that has ever happened, happened somewhere. And wherever you are, something has happened there before. And you being there is one of the somethings that have happened there. Isn’t that something?

  At Great Pond Press, we seek to bring to life all of the great and wonderful somethings that have happened in all of the great and wonderful places in the world. That’s why we launched our press with the It Happened In... series of children’s board books. These books introduce the youngest readers to the rich and lively history of the greatest cities in the world with simple words and engaging pictures.

  We started the series with It Happened in Boston, because we live in and love Boston, but we will soon expand our book series to New York City, Philadelphia, and beyond. We hope that our books will help young readers understand that they are a part of the history of these great places. Whether they live there or just came to visit, they are one of the somethings that have happened in these somewheres!


Mike Pickett Portrait

  I'm Mike Pickett and I am the founder and publisher of Great Pond Press. Throughout my life, I have lived in and visited many somewheres. I was born in Los Angeles, grew up in Sacramento, went to college in Provo, Utah, spent two years in southern New Jersey (New Brunswick, Atlantic City, Trenton, Camden, etc.), went to grad school in Boston, and went to law school in Austin, Texas. I've also been to cities in Mexico, Canada, Italy, Austria, Germany and many other places in between. Along the way, I earned a degree in English Literature, a Masters degree in Publishing and Writing, and a law degree. I like to think that my time in each of the places I've been has been a little something in these places’ big history. And I look forward to being a little part of the big history of lots more places in the future.


Hannah Welch portrait

  I'm Hannah Welch and I am the illustrator at Great Pond Press.