It Happened In Boston

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John Winthrop, Phillis Wheatley, John F. Kennedy and Boston skyline - It Happened In Boston cover
Paul Revere took his famous midnight ride with two lights shining in the Old North Church.
The USS Constitution is made of wood, but connonballs bounced off its sides so it is called Ol' Ironsides.
Louisa May Alcott memorialized the little women of her family in her classic book.
William Llloyd Garrison and Lewis Hayden lead the movement to free all people in America.
The Boston Marathon is one of the oldest annual races in the world. It brings thousands and thousands of runners to Boston every year.

Introduce the youngest readers to the history of The Hub with It Happened In Boston. Through simple text and lively illustrations, It Happened In Boston recounts episodes from the city’s history from its founding by John Winthrop, to Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride, to the ambitious but overbudget Big Dig. Whether your child lives in Boston, has visited Boston, or just hopes to visit Boston someday, he or she will love learning about all of the wonderful things that have happened here!

Length: 22 pages
Format: 6" x 6" board book

Customer Reviews

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Great book!

Such a cute and educational book! My 3 year old daughter loves it.

Fun, educational children’s book!

Loved that the book was educational, but still fun and appropriate for children. Loved the illustrations as well!!

Great Book With Fantastic Art

This book is awesome. It lays down what happened in colonial Boston in a way that a children could understand and enjoy. It hits all the major points, and is a great way to introduce children to early American history. The pictures are also beautiful, and help bring the stories to life.

Fun quick interesting history

What a cute way to begin learning the history of our great cities. The text and illustrations are perfect for children.

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